Playlists for On or Off the bike

I've spent a portion of my Friday evening trying to up the levels of funk on my website. The old version was bland, boring, and dull. In other words, WAYYY too similar to my real life character traits. What's the point of having a digital footprint if you can't present a little false creativity and vibrancy? 

At any rate, I've added an icon to my social accounts on the bottom right of your computer screen. That round one with the three squiggly lines links to Spotify. Spotify is pretty much the best thing ever. For a low, low fee of $8 per month, you can have all the music you want, make playlists, and create custom radio stations. Now, if you ever hear a song you like in class, check out the playlist we listened to in class to find the song that got you tapping your toes while tapping out a cadence. Follow me on Spotify and I'll be sure to follow you back. It's like being friends in real life, except you can still pretend not to know me when you see me in Meijer. I'm totally used to it by now.  

If you ever find a song that you think would be great for class, please don't forget to let me know via email

Wes Sovis