Getting Emotional About Indoor Bike Riding

We had a packed class on Wednesday this week. It was really cool to see new faces in class, and they sure looked like they had a good time. One of the things I like best about indoor cycling at Yen is the fact that it doesn't matter where you're fitness is. Whether you're super fit or just peeling yourself off the couch for the first time in months, you can get the workout you came in for. 

And what's even better? We, the fit and the less-than-fit, get to ride together. There's no waiting, there's no yelling to tell the faster people to slow down. We all put in our best efforts while staying together and pushing each other. It's a really unique scenario, and it's on that always keep me fired up to come back to ride indoors with different people at different points on their fitness journey. 

Oh man, I just said "journey." I'm sounding really yoga right now. Chakras are lined up real good, evidently. 

My #operationthighgap keeps going well and then really poorly. It usually has something to do with eating really well for three days, then eating three chocolate chip cookies in one day. I'm getting better in other areas though. I'm eating kale almost every day, but again, it doesn't have quite the same effect if I'm still cramming baked goods down my gullet. I am going to start paying Breanna at Breakaway to swat cookies out of my hand. That should really help solve my baked good indulgences. 

If you want the playlist from Wednesday, here's a link. You'll need a Spotify account to access it. I think. Probably. 

Wes is a marketing guy for Swell Development and rides bikes with his buds for Einstein Cycles- Short's Brewing. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram if you really don't have someone better to follow. 


Wes Sovis