This is My Bike for Iceman. And My Snacks of Choice.


I work remotely, and usually, I work from Breakaway Cafe, which is right next door to Einstein Cycles. As a result, I've been hearing cyclists of all ilks talk about their set-ups for Iceman on Saturday. With the weather predicted to be warm, sunny, and dry, many of us find ourselves prepping for conditions unlike most past Icemans. 

If you have any interest in finding out how a chubby guy who will likely finish last in Pro race will set his bike up, you're in luck. This will be the rig for Saturday,

Bike: Bearclaw Balthazar - Medium

It's fast. It's black. It got me a date with Lindsay Lohan. 

Wheels: Bearclaw Bicycle Co.'s Little Chets

27.5 wheels, aka B+, are absolutely perfect for the sandy Iceman course. Snappy handling, quick acceleration and very slimming for the chubbiest riders, Little Chets RAWK. 

Tires: 3" Rocket Rons

Hard and dry? Sure. Wet and slick? No problem. Rocket Rons are my tires of choice for any conditions. And they last forever. That's a bonus. 

Tire pressure? 11psi front and 13psi rear. I weigh a lot, so you might be able to get away with an even lower pressure if you're on the lighter side. 

Grips: ESI - Pink

Pink is just cool, man. 

Nutrition: I probably won't eat during the race. I have a latte and chocolate chip cookie about two hours before a race, which is pretty much doping. I have Shot Blocks 30 min before the start, and I rarely get hungry. I split a Vitamin water 50/50 with water and that's all the juice I'll need for Iceman. 

 What's your rig for the big dance? Whatever it is, ride it like you perhaps took it without paying. 




Wes Sovis