My Yen People

I get to teach indoor cycling on Wednesday nights at Yen Yoga & Fitness. After teaching for almost three years now, I can't tell you how rewarding the experience has been. The people who come to my class are incredibly diverse, with widely various reasons for attending indoor cycling classes. 

Some come to class to continue their training so they can go out and win bike races. Others, like me, ride at Yen to burn enough calories to hopefully, one day, to be able to brush their teeth without their stomach fat giggling too much. 

But no matter the reason for showing up or where each individual's fitness is at, we all work our tails off and leave the class tired, sweaty, and in a better mood than when we showed up. It's become a tight community of spandex-clad people of widely varying ages, fitness levels, and fitness goals. The one thing that keeps us coming back is our quest for a healthier life, and I can't imagine a more motivating goal for anyone. 

Thanks, Yen people. You're awesome. 

Wes Sovis is a Nobel Prize winning Journalist for the National Enquirer. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to learn more about life as a chubby cyclist, as well as developments on locating Tupac, who is totally still alive somewhere. 

Wes Sovis