Iceman Pictures, Videos, Blogs and Strava Links

We're so lucky to have so many incredible photographers lining the course of a race like Iceman to show our friends and family just how challenging, fun, and special a race through the woods can be. As we deal with our annual Iceman hangovers, I'm putting together some links to some of the best photographers from the race for you to look through and buy some prints. 

These folks have serious talent, and if you can support them by buying a few shots of yourself totally shredding that downhill, dude! then I hope you do so. 

Julie McGraw Photography - Incredible pictures as always, Julie!

Rob Meendering Photography - Rob has worked his magic for us yet again. 

Jody Hofstra - A lot of Up North folks in her album. Thanks for making us look great, Jody!

M22 - They have an incredible album of pictures on Facebook to peruse. The album captures the emotion the race exceptionally well.  

Freewheeler Racing - One of the largest albums of the bunch, and certainly one of the best. 

Marathon Photo - You can also check out Iceman's photography partner for pictures from the event.

If you haven't caught this on-bike footage of the Men's Pro Race from Velo City Cycles's Brad White, make some popcorn and settle in. It's incredible how easy these guys make this whole bike riding thing look. 

It's also worth taking the time to look through some of the numbers on Strava. Most notably, look at the profiles of some of the Juniors, who had probably the most compelling race of the day. In a very close race, look at the difference between fourth place (Einstein's Tim Coffey) and the winner, Leadout's Keegan Korienek. To show you just how close the race for the win was, Justin Kreger was just two(!) seconds behind Keegan. These kids are the future, people. And the future is fast.

Einstein Cycles-Short's Brewing has a very good race recap from kolo T.C's own Cody Sovis, who also is known for being the Iceman fat bike champ for two years on the trot. 

Cody also documented his unprecedented Double Iceman attempt. Yep. Wave 1 in the morning and the Pro race in the afternoon. One heck of an accomplishment and a challenge he'd been pondering for a few years now. 

While you have your reading glasses out, be sure to read Stephen Ettinger's blog on the Pro race, where he came back from a mid-race chain fail to finish 7th. 

The 2016 runner-up in the Women's Pro Race, Kaitlyn Patterson delivers an excellent blow-by-blow in her blog for her OAM NOW team, so you should certainly give it a read to see how one of the most exciting races of the day played out. 

 Photo: Michelle Howard 

Photo: Michelle Howard 

I know I probably missed a few great sources of content, so please send me any tips on photographers, bloggers, and the like so I can add them to this post. Great racing, everyone! Let's do it again next November. 

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