My Goals for 2017

 Photo:   The Appendix   - A Seriously Cool Website

Photo: The Appendix  - A Seriously Cool Website

Each year, I write down my goals for the upcoming year. I rarely write these goals down in a place or medium where they can be viewed by other human beings. But I have a blog now, and what are blogs for but to expose the best and worst of ourselves to a less-than-interested public. And by public, I mean, of course, my mom and a few friends who have a little too much time on their hands. 

Below you'll find my goals for 2017. No, they're not all cycling related. I'm an almost well-rounded human with personal growth goals as seemingly insurmountable as winning Iceman. I'll be focusing on those as much as I do on my amateur cycling career. Shocking, I know. 

My Goals for 2017. Please Hold Me to Them.

1. Be less selfish. I do not have problems. I am not too busy. I am not too tired. I want to learn to put other people first more frequently and with less complaining. 

2. Be more humble. I'm never as smart as I think I am. I do not know the right way to do everything. Listen, learn, and give other people the respect that they give to me. 

3. Get up earlier. Every day. Hangover and all. And since you're up, get your ass on a bike. 

4. Lose 20 pounds. Code name is #operationthighgap. It hasn't been going all that well, but tomorrow is another day to try again and do better. 

5. Learn to ride a wheelie as well as Austin Johnson. 

6. Do more rides with Norte. Why? Because Norte rocks. 

7. Spend more time out of the house. That could mean on a bicycle, hanging with friends, or chilling at Breakaway Cafe or Taproot. People are cool. I'd like to hang with them more. 

8. Learn to be less impulsive. I'm in marketing - I should know how to recognize marketing's ability to make people make impulsive decisions or rationalize stupid purchases. I need to lock that shit down.

9. I need to call my grandparents more. 

10. I need to realize that life is really, really short. The small things have an incredible tendency to take care of themselves. And even the big stuff is no match for a little grit and perseverance. 

2016 has been a trying year in a lot of ways. But I've learned a lot about myself, the US of A, and the world. I know, deep down, most people are good. I know that some people are total shit, but they're in the minority. It's when good people rationalize bad behavior that everyone loses. I guess what I'm saying is that if I want the best from others, I should be willing to give the best of myself. Whether it's at work, on a bicycle, or in relationships, you have to embody the qualities you'd like to see in others, or you have no right to expect it from others. 

In 2017, I wish you a very prosperous, healthy, rewarding, uplifting, inspiring, journey. There will be ups and there will be downs. Just remember to turn your Strava on in case you get any KOMs. 

Wes is the Cheif Cat Herding Director at a web development company, as well as a passionate volunteer at the Association for Pet Obesity Awareness. I'm not shitting you. That's a real website and real non-profit. 

Wes Sovis