The Farmland 5K 2016


What a blast. That's really the best way to describe the Farmland 5K each and every year. In its fifth year, Farmland remains one of the more unique events on the calendar. It's a 5K, a bike race, and a barnyard party all at once. 

The runners kicked off the action with the start taking place at high noon. From competitive runners to a woman who ran the race dressed as a chicken, every single participate crossed the finish line with a smile. 

They then promptly went through 17 gallons of soup in 45 minutes. Clearly, running works up an appetite. 

The cyclists then took to the course on a myriad on bicycles - fat bikes, cyclocross bikes, 29ers, and a host of vintage bikes that runners got down from the lofts in their garage for the first time since Seinfeld was still on the air. 

Honestly, I'm not sure who won any race. It doesn't matter. Farmland is about celebrating the holiday season with friends and faking fitness as our waistlines expand in the winter months. 

Nick Perez battled the elements to take a massive portfolio of pictures from the race, which you can view here.

Wes is ranked #5 in the world in cherry pit spitting and the author of  Pumpkin Punctures: The Battle Between Pumpkin and Deer Hooves in Rural America. You can follow him on the social medias on FB and Insta

Wes Sovis