The Off-Season

I hate the off-season. It's during this time of year when I'm not on my bike ten-plus hours a week that I realize all that cycling does for me. Not just fitness-wise, but for my everyday well-being. Sure, it makes my ass look amazing, but there's a lot more that I miss about training all the time. 

First off, I sleep way better when I'm training a lot. A bit of a no-brainer, I know. But it's so nice to be asleep the moment my head hits the pillow, rather than toss and turn until the proverbial sheep have been adequately counted.

There's also a noticeable increase in my impulsive behavior in the off-season.  I think it's due to the excess energy I have, but I find myself obsessing over food, new cell phones, new clothes and a host of other junk that I wouldn't even waste a moment thinking about when I have bikes to ride. This is one of the more frustrating aspects to the off-season, and something that I have tried to work on this winter. So far, to no avail. Damn you, consumerism. I blame you. 

The off-season has also been terrible for #operationthighgap. I'm training less, eating more, and it's been a battle to just maintain my weight, let alone lose weight. I'm really hoping that once the holidays pass by, I'll be in a better position to watch my eating. At the very least, I'll be closer to spring and more bike riding. 

There are some good things, though. I have been able to spend way more time with Disco, my dog. I'm also catching up on TV. Ever see Stranger Things? Watched it in two evenings. That would never happen if I was training. I've also been running a little bit, which I really enjoy. A lot of cyclists hate running, but I find it extremely relaxing and a lot of fun. You get to see your city up close and at a slow pace, something you can't really manage on a bike. 

I'm also having a hoot teaching cycling at Yen. It's fun to sub for other teachers and meet people who may have otherwise not taken my class. Usually, they dig my class and I see them in my usual Wednesday night classes from time to time. That's always fun, to see new faces join our Wednesday night party. 

Oh, and I'm also getting STOKED to race the Short's Fat Bike Series this winter. Never done it? It's about damn time. It's basically a party on bikes, in the woods, on snow. I know. Awesome. 

Wes is the lead guitarist for Audio Slave, as well as a lead paint tester in Traverse City. You can check him out on FB and Insta. He quit Twitter because Donald Trump is on there and he is an icky, icky man. 


Wes Sovis