FHPs (Fit-Happy-People) At the 45 North Barell Roll

Attendees at the 45 North Barrel Roll were treated to a wonderful sight on Sunday afternoon. Fit, happy people (FHPs) rode their bicycles around in a picturesque vineyard to a pre-determined measure of time. Everyone, no matter how fast or slow, ended the event with an enormous smile on their face and a bit of extra color on their cheeks. 

As it turns out, people in Northern Michigan routinely get together to celebrate life, health, our incredibly gorgeous Northern Michigan surroundings, and of course, expertly crafted local wine and ciders. There's simply no better way to do this than on a bicycle, and perhaps no better place to do this than in Leelanau County. 


A huge thank you to Brian and the rest of our fantastic hosts at 45 North Vineyard and Winery for a perfect way to spend a Sunday. We can't wait to come back in the winter for a few laps on fat bikes! 

Wes Sovis