Get Kids on Bikes with Norte

 On bikes. In the woods. Way better than on the couch. Yep. Way better. 

On bikes. In the woods. Way better than on the couch. Yep. Way better. 

This month's FUNdraising class is January 25th. That's a Wednesday. We'll be raising some cash-ola for one of my favorite non-profits around, Norte Youth Cycling

Run by the tireless and very Canadian Ty Schmidt, Norte works to do what most of the general population just talks about doing - getting kids off the couch and outside to blow the stink off. The best possible way to blow off the aforementioned stink is, of course, by riding their bicycles through their neighborhood to the various parks, beaches, and malt shops that adorn our adorable small town. 

By showing up to class at Yen Yoga at 5:30 on 1/25, you'll be helping to raise money to help Norte put on exceptional youth-centered after school bicycling programs at a number of Traverse City Area Public Schools. This program, called Bike Mas, is the highlight of the spring and fall seasons for the kids participating in the program. Experienced cyclists team up with fifth graders for bicycle adventures, usually some ice cream, and some good old-fashioned mentoring. I rode with some kids at Eastern this fall it is was one of the most experiences I've had. I'm tearing up just thinking about it. 

Your first class at Yen is just $5. Every single penny I make from that class will be donated to Norte. If you can't make it to class that day, consider donating to Norte here and tell them that the chubby dude in lycra sent you. 

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