Battling the Winter Weight

I once did a report on penguins, way back in third grade. Penguins, if you didn't already know, are the second coolest animals on the planet, except for sloths. Sloths, as it happens, are likely our last hope for our soon-to-be-reality of a post-antibiotic world. So why do penguins finish a close second to the species that will be responsible for saving human existence from bacteria infections?

Because penguins get to get fat in the winter. And it's totally cool for them to get fat. The male and females swap turns watching over their eggs to go on eating binges all winter, trying to get as fat as they can in order to stay warm in their frigid climate in Antarctica. 

For humans, however, we add blubber in less purposeful ways. I don't need fat to stay warm. I have a really nice Arc-teryx coat and some boots. But boy howdy, is it easy for me to put on weight during the winter. It's cold. It's dark. Happiness is just another cookie and a caramel latte away. 

Me and the Chubby Buddies are trying to fight this weight gain over the winter to varying degrees of success. I'm only down a pound in three weeks, despite doing more exercise and cutting down on my lattes. I'm hoping that as the temps come up, my body will respond to the exercise a bit more and the weight will come off. 

In the meantime, though, I've discovered a little trick for looking skinner. Just wear baggier clothes. Seriously. I get so many compliments on looking "trim" just by putting on a baggy sweatshirt. So, if you're like me in that the winter weight is just not coming off, put on your XL t-shirt and fake it until the scale starts to go your way. 

If you want to actually lose weight, and not just buy bigger clothes, be sure to check out the women's race at the cyclocross World Cup at Fuiggi, or watch USA's Ellen Noble nab second in U-23 at CX Worlds. Hopefully watching these super-fit humans guilts you (and me) into watching what you eat and gets your butt on the trainers. 

Wes does marketing for evepresent marketing and Swell Development. He also teaches indoor cycling at Yen Yoga & Fitness in Traverse City. Check him out on Facebook or Instagram, yo. 


Wes Sovis