Let's Be Chubby Buddies

I got an email yesterday from my buddy Tim Bottrell. He knows I struggle with overeating. Tim, while by no means fat, also likes to indulge in the extra helping at dinner, a supplemental beer to unwind at the end of the day, and perhaps a cookie or two from the local cafe. 

Tim came up with the idea of being chubby buddies. First of all, I've secretly always wanted to be chubby buddies with someone. I can't imagine a cooler name for a social arrangement. But aside from having an adorable label for our friendship, being chubby buddies will also provide us with accountability to motivate us to put down the donut and do the extra five minutes on the trainer. Why? Because Tim is making the same tough decisions and working just as hard as I am at this. He wants me to succeed and I want him to succeed. Together, we have twice the amount of willpower, which hopefully adds up to the amount required to drop a few pounds before Mud Sweat and Beers in May. 

If you want to be our chubby buddy, you can add your name here. Weigh-ins are Wednesdays. Yes, other people will see how much you weigh. No one cares what you weigh right now. We do care how much you'll way in five months. Let's. Be. Less. Flabby. 

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Wes is a flabby, middling cyclist who also plays on computers for everpresent marketing and Swell Development. You can see just how flabby he is by following him on Facebook or Instagram


Wes Sovis