Chubby Buddies 2.0

 Photo credit: Atomic Toasters

Photo credit: Atomic Toasters

I roll out of bed and am immediately reminded of my deeds from that last few days. It's December 26th. That last three days have been a Hedonist's wet dream. Beer, hard cider, brownies, gingerbread cookies, cake, third and fourth helpings of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In summary, I fell off the healthy eating wagon into a pile of doughnuts.

After dropping 15 pounds last summer, I find myself living with a layer of blubber a sea lion would scoff at. I've been active, taking cycling classes, running, taking HIIT classes and whatnot. But if you're eating 4,000 calories a day, you can work out all you want and still gain a third or fourth chin. 

It's time. Chubby Buddies 2.0 is starting up. Weigh-ins are Mondays. If you don't want the world to know your name or your weight, just make those up and subtract the actual weight you lose from that number. Since I'm a bit selfish, we're going to run this through April 1 so I'm in shape before bike racing season. We'll have 3 months to get fit, feel better, and really cut a nice figure in our skinny jeans.

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