Getting Rolling in 2017

 A rare February ride in the County. PC: Susan Vigland 

A rare February ride in the County. PC: Susan Vigland 

2017 has been started off as a year of change. As we enter March, I find myself on a new bike, on a new team, and adopting a completely different approach to training and amateur bike racing. All these changes have me feeling a new sense of motivation and I really can't wait to get racing started. 

First off, the new bike. After loving my B+ Bearclaw from last year, I wanted to race 2017 on a bike I've wanted since 2010. The Cannondale S-Fi is one of the sharpest, raciest bikes I've ever seen and I've been lusting after one for almost a decade. After deciding to do my own thing as far as racing goes this year, I picked up my black S-Fi from Velo City in Holland. The owner of the shop, Brad White, was kind enough to take me and Cody out for a ride when we showed up to collect it on a sunny February day. If you ever get to try a Careless Whisper from Our Brewing Co., I firmly suggest you take advantage. The bike is really something. Light, nimble, and with that Lefty fork, it's as much a treat to ride as it is to look at. 

This year, I'll be riding for kolo t.c. Cody's blog has become my favorite thing to read over the years, and I'm really glad Cody is making it a priority to bring it back. He's such a talented writer, and it's going to be a blast to wear the kolo t.c. shirt all over the state at races and rides. If you've never heard of kolo t.c., it's the largest, most popular blog about amateur bike racing in Michigan. It's also the only one. 

Lastly, my approach to racing is a lot different this year. Instead of doing what I usually do, which is train really hard all the time and not care about my diet, I'm actually watching what I eat. It's had a huge effect in the two months I've made eating better a priority. I've lost ten pounds, but more importantly, I feel exponentially better than I did before. I haven't made any drastic changes. I just make smarter choices every day, and those smart decisions really add up over the course of a few weeks. Now, I focus on training smarter, and I get to see the benefits of those training efforts by not eating my way out of any improvements. 

So, there's what I've been up to in 2017 so far. Nothing special. But a few small changes have me excited and ready to rock and roll at Rust Shaker and Mud, Sweat, and Beers this spring. Racing with Cody in some swanky kolo t.c. kits will be a real thrill, and I hope we're all in for a fast, exciting, and fun racing season. See you out there, peeps. 



Wes Sovis