Spring Blog Update

I know you were all at home, wringing your hands with worry that I hadn't blogged in a few weeks. To all three of you reading this, I am indeed alive and well. I wanted to let you all know what I've been up to, as well as what I'm looking forward to over the next few weeks. To the one person still reading this, thanks. You're the best, Mom.

Diet Stuff

I'm down to 171! I have been eating slightly better, but the big change is when I don't drink beer. Delicious, wonderful beer. It's been tough, but a week without beer and I drop two pounds without changing anything else.

Race Stuff

Barry-Roubaix was miserable. Cold, rainy, muddy and just an overall challenge for the mind - more so even than it was for the body. I was signed up for the 62-mile, but I bailed and rode back on the 36-mile course. I was frozen, couldn't see a damn thing, and wished I had just hung out at the cafe in downtown Hastings. They had killer cookies. After the race, while warming up on Tyler Kuenig's sweet van (#vanlife), I wasn't overly disappointed about pulling the plug. I climbed really well, which has always been my Achilles heel, so I figured I was ahead of the curve. Next up is Mud, Sweat and Beers in TC in early May. I should be going pretty well by then. As long as I can stay away from the beer.

After MSB, I'm signed up for the 100-miler at the Bike Benzie Grand Fondo. It's one of my favorite rides that I did last year. The course is beautiful, challenging, and it's for a great cause. If you haven't done this one yet, you really need to. Whether you race it or cruise, you're sure to have an incredible morning in Benzie County. 

Life Stuff

I teach indoor cycling at Yen  Yoga & Fitness and once a month we've done a FUNdraising class. So far, we've raised money for Food Rescue, Safe Harbor, Norte!, the NMC Foundation and a few others. It's been so cool to organize and help get the word out about these awesome groups. If I could just ride my bike and raise money for a living, I would. It's a blast. 

Sponsor Stuff

I'm riding for Kolo t.c. this year, a blog that Cody does, and me and Brian Beckwith help out with when we can. We get jerseys at cost, which is about as good of a team deal as a perennial mid-pack amateur could ever hope for, so I'm pretty stoked to fly the colors. I also have a really generous arrangement with Breakaway Cafe, who feed me most days in exchange for doing their social media. It's totally a much better deal for me than it is them, but Breanne and Craig are pretty much the nicest people around. So go to Breakaway to get a burrito or a coffee sometime. They're good people. 

That's really it. When not riding, I'm working for Everpresent Marketing and Swell Development. If you need help with digital marketing or web development, let me know. I'll buy you lunch with my company card (at Breakaway) and we'll see how we can help. 

Tailwinds, everyone!

Wes Sovis