Stuff I Learned on My Drive Through the South

waffle house.jpg

A few observations from our 15 hour drive from Traverse City to Helen, Georgia. The journey was actuated by a Chrysler Minivan, and from my incredibly comfortable, heated, leather seat, I took in much of what the South has to offer. In short, the South offers a lot.

Waffle Houses. Holy shit. These people down here love Waffle House. Straight up. Every exit between Ohio and North Carolina had a sign for a Waffle House. Having never eaten at Waffle House, I can only assume it’s an establishment serving a range of incredibly healthy, organic foods providing a sense of connection and holistic nourishment for consumers.

Dollar General. Every town between Ohio and Georgia has at least one Dollar General. One can only assume the South is populated by people with a strong sense of thrift and value. Or, it’s possible these venues also double as community gathering places or civil government offices, such is their prevalence.

Southern Accents. I’m a happily married man. But I’m a sucker for a gal with a southern drawl. If Whitney, a redheaded barista at Starbucks in Kentucky, and I had met at a different time under different circumstances, who knows, you know?

Be on Your Game. There are some roads down here that are, in short, terrifying. There are no guardrails to stop you from plunging down forested cliffs into streams and rivers that would, without question, render rescue an effort in futility. I’m not great with heights, so I made a concerted effort to keep my eyes firmly on my toes as we traversed these death-defying byways.

It’s Gorgeous. Pretty much the whole drive south of Cincinnati is awesome. The topography is diverse, the hamlets dotting the route are rustic as shit, and there are things like farms, red barns, and houses up in the “holler” that make you feel like you’re in as much another time as another state.

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Wes Sovis