Let's Do Some Bike Racing

 Dan, Wes, Ty.

Dan, Wes, Ty.

You'd be forgiven for letting the spring bike racing season in Michigan sneak up on you. I know I have. Winter has hung around longer than a dingleberry on a golden retriever's bum, and I think we're all ready to see some sunshine and warm temps. We've all been telling ourselves "one more week and we're golden" for six weeks now, so our self-delusion can't hang on much longer. 

This weather has made training for Lowell, Barry-Roubaix, Yankee Springs, and Rust Shaker extremely difficult for a lot of folks. Luckily, my second job is teaching indoor cycling at Yen Yoga & Fitness, so I'm pretty damn spoiled. I'm getting 6-8 hours in per week, which is pretty darn good for indoor riding. I'm lucky to have some excellent (and very entertaining) instructors at Yen who can keep it challenging and fun, even as we embark on our fourth consecutive month of riding nowhere inside. To the guys and gals riding in their basements on trainers, I give you major propers - I don't think I could force myself to go down there and ride alone. You're way stronger than me. 

As for the fitness itself, I have no idea how fast I'll be this spring since we haven't been able to get in any real group rides. I do know that I can brush my teeth now with minimal jiggle of my man tits, so I guess you could say I'm in the form of my life. 

My first race will be Rust Shaker, as I'll miss Barry-Roubaix this year. Bummed, but we're spoiled with so many great races all year long that I really have to choose my spots so I don't go broke. Rust Shaker will be interesting, as it's a real crapshoot to see who will show up. With no one able to get in the woods much, plus Yankee Springs TT the same day, it's a bit of a toss-up to see who will be at the race. I'm currently the only dude in the Pro/Elite category, so if you want to win, get yourself signed up - I'm sure you'll put a whooping on me. 

I'm really excited to race bikes this year. After half-assing it the last two or three years, I'm having a lot of fun trying to get fit, eat better, and see how it turns out. I even cut out drinking (except for at Jaden Drews' birthday party) so you know I'm getting serious. Not sure if I'll ever be as fast as guys like Cody, Kickbush, and other high-flyers, but I'm enjoying the effort of trying to improve, and that seems like half the battle. 

One quick note on Barry-Roubaix; please take a lot of pictures. It's so cool to see the entire town swarming with bikes and Spandex enthusiasts. Maybe I'll get talked into putting that race on the credit card this week; it's such a cool event and I hope everyone has fun and enjoys it. 

Cross your fingers for spring, everyone. See you out on the trails soon. 

Wes Sovis is the starting shortstop for the San Franciso Giants and two-time Emmy nominee. Follow him on Instagram or Strava

Wes Sovis