Racing Season Part Dos

As the carnies pack up the vomit-covered rust buckets that make up the Cherry Fest midway and move to pastures new, a different feeling comes over Northern Michigan - the second half of the race season is neigh. I took half the week of the 4th off to rest and recover (i.e. ride bikes a ton and drink too much beer) before work and bike racing hits high gear for the rest of the summer and fall. It's time to pick out some targets and start figuring out how to make the most of the rest of the nice weather before the snow starts flying - which could be September or January. Who knows. 

Next Up on the Racing Calendar

The next potential target is the Traverse City Trails Festival on July 21. I'm not decided on doing the 40 miler or the 25. I don't ride singletrack much, so 40 miles seems pretty ambitious. But, it's so of cool to do a race unlike anything else on the calendar. Where else do you get 40 miles of singletrack? Plus, the proceeds go directly to Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association, so it's a huge fundraising event for our guys and gals of the woods, so it's sort of a must-do for everyone in the area. And out of the area. Come race. We'll give you plenty of Short's beer. 

First up, though, is the Ride Around Torch with Bonnie Alfonso of Alfie fame. Bonnie teaches cycling at Yen Yoga & Fitness and is a sponsor of the blog - her support is really appreciated and it's fun to get a ride in with her and her crew. She's got a small army of people doing the RAT in the hopes of making it back to Elk Rapids in time for a Bloody Mary and an opportunity to listen to some great stories that develop over the course of the ride. Last year, our group had a guy get double flats, everyone developed horrible leg cramps, and I think Bonnie was one of the few to finish the 63-miler. I think the crew is out for revenge in 2018. 

Looking Ahead

It's hard to commit to races too far in advance because my travel schedule can get crazy really quickly. But the race at Glacial on August 19th is up there on the list, and of course, the Bear Claw Epic is an absolute must. It's probably my favorite race of the year. The season will likely wrap up with Peak to Peak and an age group run at Iceman. I think I'll be in Wave 1 this year, which will give me plenty of motivation to ride in the fall. 

Be sure to follow kolo t.c. on Instagram and join the group on Strava to stay up to date on group rides and such. It's going to be one hell of a second half of summer. Let's spent it on two wheels. 

Wes does sales and stunts for VP Demand Creation Services. He rides for kolo t.c., a blog dedicated to grown adults wearing underwear riding really expensive bicycles around the state of Michigan and beyond. 

Wes Sovis