Mid-life Crisis Diet: One Week Down

A week, or 7 days as it's usually measured, has passed on my diet. All three of you who follow will be pleased to know I'm doing quite well. I'm down three whole pounds. It hasn't been a total gravy train (MMMM GRAVY) but I'm looking forward to the next three weeks.

Here's what I've learned over the past week that will help me keep the good vibes going the rest of the month.

1. Family Functions are Calorie Traps

I went to a family reunion that was the most challenging day so far. I went over my calorie intake on the day, but I still thought I did way better than I normally would have done. The reunion, like all family events, are basically exercises in gluttony. More food in one place than any group of people should have, man. There were four types of cookies there. Four. All of my aunts kept pressuring me to try the dip, and maybe give the potato salad a try, and those no-bake cookies were made just for you, Wes! I swear, those women won't stop until I lose a foot to diabetes.

2. Counting Calories Helps

Accountability, man. That's why I count calories. You can't be pissed you're not losing weight when you see that you ate 8,000 calories in one day. When you see your calorie intake every evening, there's no hiding from what you did (or didn't do) that day. I don't think counting calories is the be-all and end-all for losing fat, but I think it's the best way by far to hold yourself accountable to your eating habits.

3. Strength Classes Are a Huge Help

Losing weight isn't the name of the game. I'm after losing fat. Adding muscle forces your body to burn more calories throughout the day, which is a sweet bonus added to the high-intensity strength classes I take at Yen Yoga & Fitness. You can do push-ups and squats at home, but you won't work near as hard or as long as a HIIT-style class without people and a sadistic instructor. Yen has some great instructors like Anna, Ellen, and Katie, who routinely reduce me to quivering and crying in the fetal position on my mat. 

Be sure to swat the sweets out of my hand when you see me. I'll be pissed for a second, but then I'll thank you. Thanks for reading, you weirdos.

Wes is a sales and marketing dude for VP DCS. He's also the #1 yo-yo player in the Midwest. Follow him on Insta. Or don't. 

Wes Sovis